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{Math 3}

Students & parents have complete access to the textbook & student workbooks companion (english & spanish), lessons, & every single page of the textbook!

> our textbook

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> classroom policies & procedures

*Throughout the year we will rotate between three separate textbooks: Linear Equations, Data Analysis, and Lines & Angles.

*The grade earned in this class is a combination of test & assignment scores. As the year progresses, more weight is given to test scores. This is designed to prepare students for high school & college grading practices.

*Late homework is worth half-credit.

*It is nearly impossible to pass this class if you have poor attendance or don’t turn assignments in.

Looking to purchase a calculator?

We recommend the Texas Instrument’s TI 30 XIIS because it allows students to see the entire formula they have entered.

StudentVUE & ParentVUE Assignment_Calendar.htmlAssignment_Calendar.html

We have a class Facebook page that is an easy way to keep track of daily assignments, etc.!

login: springfield

password: oregon12