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Teacher name:                             Nelson Farrier


Subjects taught:                           STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Time available for calls:               12:30-1:20 and before & after school

Class rules / expectations:

The following are my classroom expectations:

  1. Be on time and ready for class
  2. Bring pen, pencil, paper and books to class
  3. Follow directions
  4. Follow the Golden Rule, which includes:

During the first week of class and after major breaks I teach students these posted expectations.  For new students who come after my initial expectation instruction, I have a copy of the original handout and use a recording of my initial instruction to have the student fill out the sheet and then turn it in.

Homework Policy:

Since STEM often requires special equipment, there will not normally be any homework. Sometimes, however, students are given projects that they can do at home. When that is the case, they will put that information in their organizer. In a project-based class like STEM Lab, completing projects is the extremely important. Students need to keep working on their projects until they finish them. If they were absent, they will may need to put in some extra time to complete their projects while keeping up with the rest of their class.

Personal information:

I have been teaching for 30 years and 21 years at Hamlin. I began with Springfield Public Schools as a classroom assistant for an emotionally disturbed class. After graduating from college I began teaching 7th grade language arts, reading, spelling and social studies at Springfield Middle School for five years. During the next three years I was a math, science and social studies curriculum specialist for all the schools in Springfield School District. At Hamlin I started teaching all subjects for one set of students each year, but since then I've taught mostly science, math and computers. This is Hamlin's first year for STEM and I'm excited to help students use what the'll learn to make and do fun and interesting projects.

My hobbies include amature radio, computer programming, reading (particularly science related books, science fiction, and Near Eastern and ancient American studies), and Boy Scouting (I've been a scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster). I am also a happy husband and father.