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Attendance Policy

The single most important factor in being successful is to attend regularly.


Daily schedule may vary a few days from the dates listed.

Student Grades

A student number is necessary to access grades.






To help students be successful in their science class, there are basic school supplies that students will need to bring to class every day.

3-Ring Notebook--One notebook should be dedicated solely to science class. The notebook should be ~1 inch thick. Assignments, notes, calendars, homework, etc. will be kept in this notebook.

Pens, Pencils, Erasers --These should be kpet in the notebook, perhaps in a plastic pouch.

Paper--100 to 200 pages of loose-leaf paper should be stored in the notebook fore note-taking, writing assignments, labs, etc.

Calculator--An inexpensive calculator that can perform basic mathematical operations is strongly recommended.

If money for these supplies is in short supply, please let me know and these items will be provided free of charge.