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Attendance Policy

The single most important factor in being successful is to attend regularly.


Daily schedule may vary a few days from the dates listed.


These safety rules will be observed when working in the laboratory.

Student Grades

A student number is necessary to access grades.


Arrangements can be made if money for supplies is in short supply.



Science 9 Expectations and Information

Welcome to Springfield High School! In this course we will focus on topics that include measurement, graphing, atoms and molecules, chemical reactions, motion/forces, simple machines, and energy. The course will develop study skills, emphasize mathematics, and focus on the value of experimentation. If you have questions about this program or questions about assignments students should make appointments before or after school. I can be reached by telephone at 744-4863 or by email at

The class rules are as follows:

1) Respect others.

2) Come to class prepared to work.

3) Always do your best.