Teacher name:                   Barb Moore


E-mail:                              barb.moore@springfield.k12.or.us


Subjects taught:                 ALC class 6-8th grade


Course descriptions:           Basic skills in all subject areas


Time available for phone calls:  Before and after school 7:30-8:00   3:05-4:00




This class is graded on attendance and participation along with class work. Class participation and attendance can raise your grade up to ½ grade. (For example B to B+)  Class grades will be reported on the regular quarterly reporting periods.  There will also be a written progress report sent home showing the progress being made towards the childŐs IEP goals.  Mid term reports will be sent home on any child failing a class. Please contact Mrs. Moore if you want a more detailed report on your childŐs progress before the next reporting period.


Grading Scale:





F= 0-59%


Class rules / expectations:

Be prepared

Do your best

Be respectful

Follow Directions the first time

Stay on Task/In your seat