Earth Science
Unit 1 - Astronomy (Our Solar System, Stars, Galaxies, The Universe; composition and changes over time)

 1. Spitzer Spectroscopy Match Game

Unit 2 - Forces Within 
(Earthquakes, Plate tectonics, Volcanoes, Mountains)

Plate Tectonics (NOAA) ~ 7 min
Subduction Zones (NOAA) ~ 4 min
Mid-Ocean Ridges (NOAA) ~ 4 min

USGS: The Dynamic Earth - The Story of Plate Tectonics
How Do Earth’s Tectonic Plates Interact?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Earthquakes - 60 min
10 Things You Didn’t Know about Volcanoes - 60 min
Volcanoes - Can we predict volcanic eruptions?
Volcanoes and Earthquakes! (and other Natural Disasters)- National Geographic 
Kilauea Volcano lava crosses the highway - Yawn... 
Giant Volcanic Eruptions Also Develop Quickly

Volcanoes and Earthquakes Interactive - National Geographic 

Unit 3 - Sculpting Earth's Surface 
(Rocks, Weathering, Erosion, Mass Movements, Rivers, Glaciers, Wind)

Kilauea: The Birth of Igneous Rock
Earth Revealed - #17. Sedimentary Rocks: The Key to Past Environments

Weathering and Erosion
Erosion - A Natural PHenomenon
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Avalanches - 60 min

OSU Groundwater Tutorial (24:34)

Unit 4 - Historical Geology
(Earth's History, Fossils, Relative Dating, Radiometric Dating)

Unit 5 - Meteorology (Atmosphere, Heating, Water, Air Pressure, Severe Storms, Climate)

Felix Baumgartner (2012) free falls from the Stratosphere - 128,000 ft - 4 min

Joe Kittinger - (1960) falls 990 km/h to Earth from 103,000 ft up - 6 min

Tornados and Hurricanes! Interactive - National Geographic

Hurricane Sandy - The After Map (Before and after satellite pics)